02/22/2010 (10:27 am)

Law and Order, Criminal Intent: Rosendale edition

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Sometimes it’s easy to forget here in idyllic, hippy-ish Rosendale that crime exists. Many of us, not mentioning any names, don’t even lock our doors and/or cars.

Every now and then, things happen nearby that threaten to awaken us to certain grim realities – although they don’t always sink in, probably because we don’t want them to.

We’ll hear about an armed robbery two-towns away – Stone Ridge, maybe. But it’s just far enough to ignore. There’ll be a drug- and/or gang-related shooting in Kingston, where there are Crips and Bloods and some very sketchy neighborhoods. But we’ll think, “Well, they probably stay in their sketchy neighborhoods.” (Even though said neighborhoods are 10 minutes away.) A friend will mention something about another friend having CDs lifted from his car, right in his driveway, and our minds quickly posit, “Oh, probably just some bored teenagers.”

But on Saturday night, it all hit much closer to home. Market Market Cafe, a much beloved bistro and boite on Route 32, was burglarized. After pry-barring their way in, the burglars were able to find and run off with a week’s worth of cash receipts – a lot of money to a small, up-and-coming mom-and-pop business.

I have heard there were seven other business in Ulster County hit that night. And that a neighbor here on Main Street had two bikes stolen then, too. So much for my rose-colored view of country life. Time to call a locksmith. And maybe an alarm company. Because, finally, I am alarmed.


February 22, 2010 @ 9:13 pm #

having more than my share of experience in the local crime stories, I suggest locking your house is a good move. and your car, too, unfortunately.

crime doesn’t stay in one place these days.

though I refuse to give up my rose colored glasses.

February 22, 2010 @ 9:24 pm #

I’m keeping mine, too, Susan! But definitely calling a locksmith!

February 23, 2010 @ 6:35 pm #

Maybe get some good outdoor lights. I hear that thieves don’t like to go into lighted areas where they can be observed. And, put stickers up that announce your alarm system. That deters even if you don’t always remember to arm the alarm.

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